Crystaline is an independent company with the ability to work with a provider who is right for your requirements. We have consistently proven to work with the best business mobile and tablet plans across all major networks, with the widest and latest range of devices. You can guarantee that your mobile solution isn’t just a tariff to suit you, but a well-developed mobile strategy aimed to increase flexibility at the lowest costs.


Working used to mean sitting in an office, bound by four walls – now we have the ability to stay connected to remote workers, staff, customers and suppliers no matter where we are in the world. The effective use of mobile technology coupled with the right tariff has allowed businesses to unplug themselves from fixed locations and sprint ahead of the competition by working from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

How to avoid Bill Shock with Worry Free Roaming

Being connected whilst abroad is a necessity for anyone who travels with business. Let Crystaline help you to avoid bill shock by advising you on the bolt-ons available from multiple networks. An example of Worry Free Roaming from Vodafone is explained in the video below. Please download the Vodafone World Traveller Map and the Vodafone Euro Traveller Map for information on each individual country.


Euro traveller – With Vodafone EuroTraveller you can take your UK minutes, texts and data with you for just £3 a day (a day is midnight to 11.59pm, local time). It’s perfect if you’re taking your phone, tablet, dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi device with you.

World traveller– If you’re a Pay monthly customer or on certain business plans, you can take your UK minutes, texts and data with you anywhere in our WorldTraveller Zone. It’ll cost just £5 extra a day (midnight to midnight in the capital city of the country you’re visiting) whether you’re using your phone, tablet, dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi device. Please note Dubai is no longer included as a destination in World Traveller.


For Top Tips on maximising productivity and opportunities abroad download this handy infographic.


“They were able to demonstrate clear cost savings for us – over 20%. No other company comes close to them on price“