Huawei and the 5G network

Huawei and the 5G network

On the 28 January 2020, the Government announced that Huawei equipment can be used in the UK’s 5G mobile network infrastructure, but with restrictions on where and how it’s deployed; only allowing it to account for 35% of the equipment in a networks’ periphery.

We spoke to O2, EE and Vodafone for their comments on this announcement:

Nokia and Ericsson are our primary Radio Access Network (RAN) partners and we’ll continue to develop our 5G network with them to more locations across the UK with minimum disruption.
Huawei kit makes up less than 1% of our owned network infrastructure. However, the government’s decision does offer more flexibility. O2 will be engaging with the government to understand the implications of their decision in relation to our network, and wider industry. 

This decision is an important clarification for the industry. The security of our networks is an absolute priority for BT, and we already have a long-standing principle not to use Huawei in our core networks. While we have prepared for a range of scenarios, we need to further analyse the details and implications of this decision before taking a view of potential costs and impacts.

Vodafone notes the UK Government’s decision to impose restrictions on the use of Huawei equipment in 5G networks. While Vodafone UK does not use Huawei in its core – the intelligent part of the network – it will now analyse the potential impact of this decision on the non-core elements of its network (masts and transmission links). Vodafone UK uses a mix of Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia equipment for its 4G and 5G masts, and we continue to believe that the use of a wide range of equipment vendors is the best way to safeguard the delivery of services to all mobile customers.  By working closely with the relevant authorities on any required substitution of equipment and it’s timing, we aim to keep any potential disruption to customers to a minimum.

We will continue to advise you of any developments and statements from the Networks.

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