Office 365

INTRODUCING MICROSOFT Office 365 For business

Office 365 for business is Microsoft’s internet based business solution that lets you access your email, create and edit documents, contacts, and calendars from anywhere and from any device connected to the Internet.


No doubt you are already familiar with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Office 365 users pay nothing up front for software so, instead of investing thousands in software licenses and servers, companies only pay a monthly charge based on actual use. With Office 365 you always run the latest versions of all software with no additional costs to upgrade when newer versions are launched.


Office Web Apps can be included in the Office 365 package, providing browser-based versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, enabling viewing and editing of documents online through your browser. This provides cost-conscious businesses with a system that can grow with them.


For example, a start-up company could save thousands on initial software expenditure, only paying more when their usage expands as the company grows. When you add to this that Crystaline can provide maintenance and support for Office 365, giving a further reduction in I.T, as you will not need to invest in recruitment, training or developing skills to support in-house.


With Office 365 your data is accessible from any internet connection. In the unfortunate event that your office was completely inaccessible, you can still access all your work. Old servers can be a liability if not backed up, massive data loss can be terminal – especially to small businesses. Moving to Office 365 can reduce the risk as your files are securely held on Microsoft’s remote servers.


Summary of what’s in it for you



More predictable and scalable as the business grows. No major up front investment in servers or multiple software licences required.

Piece of Mind


The cloud system uses Microsoft secure data centre servers with 128 bit encryption and 99.9% uptime guarantee.



Your staff can get more done in less time. Accessing the people and information they need quickly and easily as they go about their business.



Communications are simpler and more seamless, making them easier to manage and freeing up time and resources for core business activities.