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Marco Airport Facilities (Marco) is a highly acclaimed provider of construction projects and maintenance services at Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, Bournemouth, Southampton and Glasgow Airports.



The Brief

Marco has been a Crystaline customer since 2008 in which time they have seen rapid growth and have appreciated Crystaline’s advice and support that has aided this great achievement. Previously to partnering with Crystaline, Marco was with another partner on the Vodafone network. Whilst the Marco team were pleased with the network service, they knew that they were not being well supported and proactive account management was non-existent. Their contracts were in a mess and Marco was not given clear advice or direction on contract management. Marco believed that it was signing up to new contracts unnecessarily as its contractual obligations were not clearly explained by its old partner.

Devices were not updated when they could have been and there was no face to face update meetings or proactive usage analysis.



Our Solution

Marco wanted to remain on the Vodafone network as coverage was good especially as airports are notoriously bad for reception. With such strong growth, the Marco team was naturally very busy and had no time to review contracts and analyse call patterns themselves. They struggled to find the time to swap suppliers but now they have, the company is very pleased that they invested the time to make the positive change.
A huge benefit for Marco when working with Crystaline is that the support team is not just there for the key contact, the one person in charge of the mobile fleet but also all 70 users! This takes a huge amount of pressure off the key contact as they don’t have to deal with day to day issues – just one call to Crystaline deals with it all.
The partnership means that Marco gets a review meeting with a Crystaline director every 6 months, regular call usage reports and very importantly, warning and advice when devices are coming to end of contract. Relevant bolt-ons and different package options are discussed in a transparent and clear manner and a future proof comms structure has been created for this fast growth company.
Crystaline has successfully introduced a plan around device management in which there are different levels of device choice. Staff are grouped in 3 tiers and this allows them different levels of device choice, making management and budgeting far more efficient.




The mobile fleet has now grown to 80 connections and Marco is receiving far better customer service for
all its users. There is less pressure on the one Marco contact to deal with contracts and issues. There has been improved cost management along with greater flexibility now and in the future as the workforce grows and needs change.
A hardware fund allows Marco to draw down on its funds to allow for better financial control. In addition, Crystaline is working on a device security and management program that will introduce more control over devices and improve the security of data on devices.
A strategy is also being put in to place for Marco’s overall communications requirements. This will include fixed line telephone and Ethernet services to further improve the efficiency of staff with flexibility built in for the future.


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