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Regency Shipping Ltd has been a dedicated forwarder and logistics company to the valuable commodities industry for the last 22 years. It continues to expand its services with the same ideology and integrity its loyal client base has grown to expect.


The Brief

Regency Shipping already had a Mobile phone fleet directly with Vodafone, whilst it was happy with the product delivery, the customer service part was missing. Regency wanted to keep its existing Vodafone mobiles but ‘not just be a number’. It also had an outdated Avaya fixed line telephone system. The Crystaline team approached Regency just at the right time. The Regency team were in the middle of having comms problems and knew that they needed to address their comms set up and fast. They were also aware of the additional features and benefits a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system could offer and so asked Crystaline for advice on what would
be best for their business.


Our Solution

The Regency team were impressed with Crystaline from the start. Crystaline listened to what was required and then provided several options that would cater for Regency’s needs. Products were well explained in terms of what was suitable for them and what wasn’t. Already Regency felt valued and welcomed the idea of receiving a comms system tailored to them.

Crystaline advised to stick with Vodafone but took on the role of account manager so they were the direct contact with Vodafone when issues arose. All Regency staff simply called the one Crystaline number to report issues and Crystaline took care of the rest. They also implemented a new hosted telephony system. This VoIP solution not only provided new features to Regency but also improved service levels and reduced downtime as Crystaline could access the system remotely to deal with any problems.



On the customer service side, Regency saw a massive improvement. The personal interaction that Crystaline offered meant that Regency was told about new products that were relevant to the business and any issues were discussed promptly and openly. The previous supplier’s support mechanism was always remote, on the phone and never in the form of face to face meetings. In contrast, Crystaline meets Regency, like all its clients, every couple of months and is on hand whenever needed.

Regency has found that it has better control over its systems and the team feel really valued and cared for. Regency conclude that Crystaline “put themselves out when there is an issue which is really important to us and the ability to have a meeting whenever we need one is fantastic.”

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