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Founded in 1982, Soils Limited is an established multi-disciplinary consultancy offering clients a complete environmental and geotechnical service from pre-purchase to site completion.



The Brief

Soils operates within the construction industry and carries out site investigations before building foundations commence and tests for possible contamination at building sites. Soils takes the samples, analyses them and produces a report. But what gives Soils its competitive edge is its grasp of technology as its service is built upon cloud technology. Even its engineers are office based. The founding partners have always embraced technology way back to being early adopters of PCs and recognising how the use of technology can streamline a business both in improved team efficiency but also better client service.
Before partnering with Crystaline, Soils had different suppliers for all its various communications services. This was getting very messy especially for bill reviews and the antiquated phone system also had different phone lines coming in as well as unused fax lines.
Crystaline was called in to help unravel the phone/systems and to review the business’s comms as a whole so Soils could be a pioneer in delivering rapid services.


Our Solution

Soils wanted to migrate all its comms to one supplier and has now been partners with Crystaline for 10 plus years. Initially it had 50 mobiles with Vodafone and had ISDN installed and then VoIP and internet when the business moved offices.
How has VoIP and connectivity helped Soils? Engineers no longer have to be on site taking samples making analysis far quicker and cost effective. The Soils’ drilling team is on site to physically take samples and then takes photos and facetimes the office-based engineer so they can collaborate in real-time.



The implementation of a hosted voice system and an organised mobile fleet has empowered the wider Soils team to work efficiently bringing the business advantages competitive edge.
Drillers are able to take measurements and use their mobile phone to access Soil’s bespoke App. Once uploaded to the cloud-based system, the engineer at the office can decide immediately on the required. depth for drilling. For example, if the soil turns out to be soft, then the engineer can remotely take the decision to drill deeper, even though he is not physically on site. This saves on travel time, down time at site and allows the engineer to work on other reports whilst drilling happens. Reports than can be created far quicker.
The other important benefit has been the direct dial facility on the new phone system that gives direct access to all the team regardless of their physical location. For example an engineer located in Greece has a British ring tone and phone number so clients are not worried about call costs or access issues. The whole communication solution has enabled both internal comms and client calls to be seamless.

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