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Style Acre is a charity that provides person-centred, high quality support for over 250 people with learning disabilities and autism. Each and every individual Style Acre supports is valued and helped to lead a meaningful life whilst realising their potential. Style Acre works with families and carers to provide the best possible experience for the people they support.



The Brief

Previously to partnering with Crystaline, Style Acre had less than 20 mobile phones for its team and these were not smart devices so their use was limited, especially when staff were off site.
Style Acre had previously dealt with Vodafone directly for their mobile service. However Style Acre found that as a relatively small company, it was not truly valued as a customer and it felt like the team was passed from pillar to post when it came to dealing with issues or providing proactive advise.
The charity also had a standard PBX telephone system that was tired and lacked the features that a VoIP (Voice over IP) system could offer.
Style Acre was in desperate need of a communications provider for its fixed and mobile telephony that would offer an experienced, easy to reach, point of contact to ‘sort them out and straight away’.


Our Solution

Crystaline was called in to help unify the charity’s multi sites where staff were spread over 36 properties, 3 day centres, 2 shops and a team office. With such a large proportion of the team working remotely, mobile communication was more important than ever. The team received smart mobile phones so staff could efficiently send and receive emails and access the internet as well as using the mobile as a telephone.This improved level of communication is particularly crucial for Support Managers who look after 3-4 properties each so they physically can’t be in all places at once. Being able to be contactable wherever they are is vital. Their smart devices allow them to sync emails and documents on screen and improve team working efficiencies even if they are not physically present.
Staff are also encouraged to use WhatsApp for immediate and fast communication between themselves.
Crystaline also successfully installed a Hosted phone system that offers significant cost savings as calls are free between sites. The features of a VoIP telephone meant that the direct dial extension facility saved staff a lot of time as did the speed dial for external numbers.
Due to the nature of the charity, Style Acre has very strict data protection processes. This means that databases are held at its main on-premise server so managers have to log in to the main in-house server from all the various properties. In the past they were all on different broadband packages to service was intermittent and quality of service depended very much at which location managers were at. Now all broadband services rest with Crystaline so the service is now standardised as well as quicker and very reliable.


Style Acre has now been partners with Crystaline for 6 years and the charity is really pleased with the service the whole team has received.
The mobile fleet now consists of 63 smart devices making the team’s daily lives far easier and the centralised online control app for the hosted telephony system makes admin of the 34 VoIP phones far simpler and quicker to action.
Most importantly, the Style Acre IT team consists of just one person. Therefore, the direct access to the Crystaline Account Manager that ALL mobile and VoIP phone uses get has massively reduced the burden of mobile fleet management on the one IT manager.
Style Acre’s IT manager adds, “Our Account Manager is absolutely super, even when he is out of the office, he still speaks to us and irons out our problems remotely. Plus, we know we have the wider Crystaline team to support us if necessary.”

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