Service Promise

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The Crystaline 

Service Promise

Section 1: Management Summary

As a provider of Telecommunications, Crystaline recognises its role as a key partner in the day to day operation of a customer’s business.

This document sets out a Standard of Service that covers the complete set of Crystaline communications mobile products, together with a commentary on the company’s general service approach to taking care of its customers.

2.1 Network availability and quality of service

Crystaline strives to provide a business quality service and as such only works with providers of high quality network services. The functionality of the mobile and other networks provided may be beyond the direct control of Crystaline, however Crystaline will assume the responsibility of pursuing the restoration of the network’s service on behalf of the Customer.

Updates will be provided to the Customer and where the outage affects multiple customers during normal working hours every two hours until the restoration of the service, and when the outage affects only the Customer then the updates will be every 4 working hours. Where an outage affects single users then the update will be directly to them once each day until service is restored in full.

All service interruptions that result from third parties will follow the escalation procedure of each supplier such that each escalation procedure will be invoked within 1 hour of any confirmed third party fault.

Updates will normally be provided via email unless the delivery of email is affected by the service outage in which case an alternative pre-agreed method of notification will be used.

2.2 Billing Accuracy

The accuracy of the financial aspect of billing information should always be beyond reproach as it is derived directly from billing information provided by the network operator or carrier.

However, any queries or questions may be answered by Crystaline and if necessary we will raise the query with the network. This may take up to 30 working days.

2.3 Customer Service Responses

Response Times:

Calls Answered – within 4 rings
Call backs – always same day, within 2 hours
Emails – always same day, within 4 hours
Faxes – always same day, within 4 hours
Formal Written Correspondence – within 2 working days

Resolution Times

Billing query – within 2 working days or up to 30 days
Credit Notes – within 1 month
New/swap/faulty un-configured handsets – received before 5pm, despatched
New/swap/faulty configured handsets – despatched next working dayNew orders – within 24 hours


Account changes

SIM swaps/tariff changes – within 24 hours

2.4 Complaints Procedure

Complaints raised by the Customer will be logged in the complaints database held within Crystaline’s Customer Service Centre (CSC). The following information will be requested and recorded:

  • Detail and source of complaint
  • Date and time
  • Contact telephone number
  • Nature of complaint
  • Location(s) affected by complaint
  • Any other relevant information
  • The CSC will pass all Customer complaints to the appropriate Customer Service Manager.

An acknowledgement of the complaint will be issued promptly and appropriate action taken to resolve the problem.

All complaints will be targeted for resolution within 20 Normal Business days from the initial receipt at the CSC.

Any complaints or information concerning breaches of service levels should be addressed same day to:

Crystaline Communications Ltd

Boston House Business Centre, 69-75 Boston Manor Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9JJ

3.1 New Connections with New Numbers

All connection requests will be processed within two working days from receipt of a written agreement from the customer. Schedules herein assume an existing account setup and credit checking approval.

3.2 Network Transfers – PAC codes

When a customer transfers a mobile number from another network, Crystaline must be provided with a PAC code by the Customer. To obtain a PAC code the Customer must contact their existing network operator or Service provider. Network operators and service providers are obliged by law to provide the PAC code upon request and within 48 hours.

Once a PAC code is received by Crystaline requests will be processed within one working day. Crystaline will agree a transfer date for the telephone number with the Customer, typically within 14 working days of the transfer request. In addition this date will also be governed by the Mobile Number Porting rules that all service providers are bound by.

3.3 Handset and accessory supply

The supply of mobile hardware is subject to availability. However, Crystaline will endeavour to deliver any equipment ordered by the Customer within 2 working days.

Normal delivery times for standard stock items are next day for all mobile hardware products.

In the event that a delivered handset is damaged, faulty or broken, Crystaline will endeavour to send a replacement within 24 hours and the faulty or damaged phone will be collected at the same time as the replacement is delivered.

The reporting and replacement of such handsets must take place within 14 days of initial delivery. Devices reported as damaged after this period will be replaced with refurbished product.

When the phone is in warranty there will be no charge for warranty repairs. Out of warranty repairs will be charged at the relevant rate. Out of warranty phones beyond economical repair will be charged at their full replacement value as per the then current SIM free price list.

Crystaline will endeavour to complete repairs within 2 – 4 weeks from the date the goods are returned.

3.4 Other hardware

For all new orders received by 3pm on any working day, subject to the item being in stock, we will ship on the same day.

3.5 Installations

All installations provided by Crystaline will only be undertaken by an approved engineer who will carry out pre and post installation checks. All Installations may be subject to survey.

3.6 Account Management

When you become a Crystaline customer you will hear from your Office based Operations Manager. As soon as the paperwork & contract are received. The following process will be taken:

1. Call you to discuss our project plan & every step of the account implementation.

2. The detailed steps that are required to connect you to your new network.

3. Supply all the sims and handsets required well in advance of the port date.

4. We can be present on site for the port date to help with any issues that may arise and aid you in the setting up of your handsets, email or data.

5. Ensure your Online billing is set up as you need and spend a session so that you know how to use it efficiently.

6. You will receive proactive calls from us to ensure all is well and there are no issues.

7. Once the the implementation is complete, your Account Manager will hold review meetings or a call with you every three months.

You are never more than one call away from a problem resolution.


Response times are transparent, guaranteed, measured and reported on.


Regular account manager contact both informally and formally at review time.